AutoBoxMaker Auto Box Maker

Entire production of unfolded boxes – all creasings, slots and lateral cutting of the panel in one side (if necessary). Convenient especially for small/medium-size production.
Technical data
— Automatic feeding
— Maximal width of the cardboard — up 2100 mm
— Setting different sizes of the boxes by PLC/HMI (Touchscreen 3,5'')
— Productivity — up to 500 boxes/hour (at length of the format L=1250 mm)
— Cutting length of the knives — 415 mm
— Thickness of the knives — 7 mm
— Distance between the slots from 65 to 1200 mm
— Overall dimensions (Length/Width/Height) mm — 2700/1300/1300
— 51 memory slots for different box/format type
— Power supply 2,2 kW/380V, 50Hz
Corrugator Singlefacer

The machine consist of singlefacer for heating, corrugating and gluing the paper; two unwinding modules with brakes; a rewinding module with a clutch, control panel.
Technical data
— Maximal width of the corrugated cardboard: 1050 mm
— Maximal diameter of the paper rolls: 1200 mm
— Sort of paper – paper for production of corrugated cardboard: fluting, testliner (approximately 100-130 g/m2 ) and/or kraftliner (for the smooth layer of the corrugated cardboard)
— Number of corrugated roll: 2 — E, B or C flute
— Productivity: nominal 15 m/min
— Smooth control of the working speed (frequency inverter)
— Glue: convenient for paper, based on corn starch
— Overall dimensions ( L/W/H): 8000/2800/2000 mm
— Power supply (installed power): 35 kW, including
— heating the corrugating and the smooth surface shafts — 26kW
— the preheating shafts – 5kW
— transmission+frequency inverter – 4kW
— average power consumption ~20kW (after preheating)
Modules to the Singlefacer (mounted on the singlefacer's frame and transmitted by its main transmission):
1. Creasing-Cutting Module – 2 cutting and 2 creasing (longitudinal) heads (pairs of working instruments).
2. FlexoPrinting Module – 1 color, steps of printing - 400 mm and smaller (multiple), rubber coated ink-delivering rolls, water-soluble ink.
3. Mixer for preparing of the corn starch based glue for the singlefacer – double-wall tank 100L with mixer and electric heating.
FolderGluer Folder-Gluer

We offer You two versions
1. The machine will work in an automatic line with your Slotter: The Folder-Gluer will be driven by the Slotter (FlexoSlotter) and will take the corrugated cardboard direct from the Slotter.
2. The machine will work as a separate machine with additional feeding module friction type, with its own motor-gearbox, control panel, transmission.
Technical data
— The machine has a module for automatic counting and arranging the boxes in stacks (Counter-Ejector)
— Maximal size of the cardboard, mm: 1000/2150 1300/2500
— Minimal size of the cardboard, mm: 350/600 400/1000
— Overall dimensions without feeding module (length/width/height) mm 7000/3000/1500 7000/3300/1500
— Productivity – up to 3000 pcs/h
— Automatic feeding
— Power supply 1,5 kW/380V, 50Hz
LaminatringMachine Laminatring machine

For laminating sheets of cardboard and micro-, 2-,3- and 5-play corrugated cardboard with sheets of paper/cardboard.
Technical data
— Maximal size of the paper (cardboard) sheets: 700/1000 mm
— Minimal size of the paper (cardboard) sheets: 210/250 mm
— Paper sheets: min 100 g/m2
— Glue: water soluble
— Productivity – up to 35 m/min
— Automatic delivery the cardboard sheets (thickness of the cardboard 1,6 mm and more)
— Manual delivery the paper sheets
— Fluent control of the working speed
— The pair of gluing shafts is made of stainless Cr-Ni steel
— Overall dimensions without feeding module (length/width/height) mm: 2500/1200/1700
— Power supply 0,75 kW/380V, 50Hz